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Sorry Mom Tattoo Art Studio is an art studio you can call home. Situated conveniently in the Lonehill Shopping Centre and consisting of artists from all walks of life. Sorry Mom Tattoo Art Studio is committed to not just putting a tattoo on you. But rather leaving you witha stunning work of art. Excellent hygiene, great artwork and a good attitude may be difficult to find in your average tattoo studio. But we are well above your average tattoo studio.

Welcome to Sorry Mom Tattoo Art Studio. With artist to handle any of your art requirements, from tattooing to murals and almost anything in between, we will be sure to give you a work of art as well as an awesome experience. We take the time to listen to what you want, give you our profession opinion and together we can createsomething worth lasting a lifetime.

A picture can speak 1000 words. Feel free to browse our portfolios to see what we’re really all about.


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My experience of getting a tattoo done by Kim was an absolute pleasure – she was always putting her best foot forward and giving nothing but her best. She knows what she is doing and I would definitely recommend her to my friends. Every line and detail was done with the greatest care and I would not go anywhere else but back to her.
Zain Raad
Bobby did the most amazing job. The studio and the artists make you feel so comfortable. Best tattoo experience ever. Only place I will be getting tattoos from now on!
Jenna-Leigh Human
Definitely an awesome experience, had some work done by Bobby and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with a keen eye for the finer details even providing me with suggestions for my existing piece , I will definitely be returning for future work
Nikhil Ramjith
Not only is Jordan a brilliant artist, his skills with the needle are unbelievable, there is no bleeding and scabbing and the tattoo heals within a couple of days. I highly recommend him
Craig Clark
I’ve gone back to Jordan from Sorry Mom Tattoo Art Studio for nine ink pieces so far. His ability to know how to wrap place and finish a tattoo is by far the best I’ve come across. With my tattoos I like a lot of subtlety and it takes a very special artist to create image depth by combining line work with shading and highlighting. I can not recommend Jordan and his extraordinary team highly enough. A 10/10 studio!
Wikus Conradie
I have had a number of tattoos from all around the world. However for my full back piece I wanted an artist who was both exceptionally talented and and also had a passion for art. Hence my process of scouting for a shop and artist I could embark on this journey with. And was it a process. There are no shortage of shops and artists in South Africa . Many of them very talented . However in Jordan I found someone that I could trust to spend a potential 80-100 hours. Someone who was not just there for the business side but a true artist. I would not go anywhere else. I would highly recommend Jordan and the other artists from Sorry Mom Tattoo Art Studio. I have spent a number of full days in the shop and it is always a chilled, fun and relaxing environment . I am extremely grateful for Jordan’s work thus far and excited for the next leg of the journey. If you are looking for a clean, professional and exceedingly talented group of artists then there is no better place than Sorry Mom Tattoo Art Studio.
Matt Welsh