Jordan Artist

Born with a pencil in his hands Jordan has grown up with a love for art and creativity. Tattooing since 2009 and constantly studying new techniques to improve his own style Jordan has found a preference in larger classical black & grey tattooing. Though he is fully capable in a wide verity of styles and colours. Jordan can see the potential in most of his client’s ideas and works only to improve on them.

Preferred mediums: Tattooing and Pencil sketching.

Starting Price: R800

Mr Bobby

After working in the corporate world Mr Bobby needed an outlet for his creative mind. He found that in tattooing and hasn’t looked back since. Forever trying different styles, mediums and techniques he is always willing to take on something new. Clean lines, solid colour and smooth shading is what you can expect from Mr Bobby.

Preferred mediums: Tattooing and Pencil sketching.

Starting Price: R500


Starting from the bottom Kim has risen up to become a very expressive artist. Capturing life and emotion in her artwork is what she does best. Kim has been painting for as long as she can remember and she possesses the ability to turn your ideas to real life tattoos.

Preferred mediums: Tattooing, Painting, Spray Painting and Pencil sketching.

Starting Price: R500

Dari – Skye

Growing up with a paintbrush in one hand and a pencil in the other Dari-Skye has a passion for art. Working to turn your ideas into works of art she can make any area in your home or business look better with acrylic wall murals or painted canvases.

Preferred mediums: Painting, Sculpture and pencil sketching.

Starting price: R500