Frequently Asked Questions

Mondays to Fridays, 10:00 till 18:00

Saturdays and Public Holidays, 10:00 till 16:00

Sundays, Closed however bookings can be made under special request (Please note that special requests come with special prices.)

You are more than welcome to walk into the studio for a tattoo, however you may be left disappointed as we are normally booked out in advance. So it is best to make a booking.
Consultation – Once you know what you want to have tattooed, we will need to consult with you to ensure no detail is left out . We may ask you to come into the studio to discuss certain aspects of your tattoo. But start with sending us an email. Please include any reference images as well as any specific details you would like to include in your tattoo. Please note that we do not have a contact number. All bookings are done either via email or instore.

Deposit We can then begin the design, personalised to your specifications. However no artwork will be designed until we have received your deposit. Deposits may vary according to the complexity of your tattoo. Your deposit will however come off the price of the tattoo. Deposits must be made within seven days of making your booking, or your booking will automatically be released. If you cancel or postpone your appointment less than 48 hours prior, you will forfeit your deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: Deposits and payments are strictly non-refundable.

Design – Your artist will do a basic sketch that will be emailed to you for approval. Unfortunately, time does not allow us to draw all sketches with detailed shading. We are accommodating with regards to changes to your design, however, an entirely new design requires a new deposit. Return time on designs may vary according to the complexity of the design. We know that you may be excited about your design. Please don’t ask for constant updates. We we will let you know as soon as your design is ready.

Everyone is different, and you may know how your body heals better than we do. But we like to follow these guidelines. (Two to Five hours after your tattoo session)

  1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
  2. Remove the cover from your tattoo.
  3. Wash your tattoo in clean, lukewarm water and mild soap. It is okay if water runs over your tattoo, but DO NOT soak your tattoo. You may notice that your tattoo feels slimy. This is normal. Do not scrub your tattoo.
  4. Use a clean towel to pat your tattoo dry. Do not wipe the towel across your tattoo, it will hurt. Let your tattoo air dry for about ten minutes.
  5. With clean hands, apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream to your tattoo. You want to apply enough aftercare cream for your tattoo to absorb, while allowing your tattoo to breathe. Please do not share aftercare creams with anyone, as this is not good hygiene and may lead to an infection, or the contraction of a disease.
  6. Repeat this three to four times a day.
  7. You do not need to cover your tattoo again, but be sure not to let clothing or bedding stick to your tattoo.


While healing, please DO NOT soak your tattoo. Please DO NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight. Please DO NOT pick at the scabbing or flaking on your tattoo. You may need to take time off gym, sports and/or other physical activities after getting tattoo.

Each body part may heal at different rates, which also varies per person. On average, tattoos take two to four weeks to heal fully.

Yes, you can. We sell vouchers from the value of R1000. They are sent to you via email once payment has been confirmed. Each voucher has a unique code so make sure not to forward your email to anyone. Vouchers are valid for one year from the purchase date and are not refundable .
Tattoos are charged according to size and detail. We do not charge per hour and each artist has their own rates.

Piercing Price List:

Earlobes R200 (R300 for both)

Cartilage/Helix piercing R300

Conch Piercing R350

Rook Piercing R350

Belly Button/Navel Piercing R350

Lip Piercing R350

Nipple Piercing R350

Nose Piercing With Stud R300

Nose Piercing with Ring R400

Tongue Piercing R400

Industrial piercing R500

Tattooing is an invasive procedure. It is important to take care of your body before, during and after being tattooed.

DO NOT drink alcohol 48 hours prior to your tattoo.

DO NOT take painkillers and/or any other non-prescription medication 48 hours prior to your tattoo. (If you are on prescription medication please consult a doctor before making a booking).

Eat a good meal beforehand. Bring some snacks and drinking water to keep your energy levels up.

Let your artist know of any sudden illness warning symptoms before, during or after your tattoo. These symptoms may include dizziness, sweating, confusion, weakness, headaches or fever.

Listen to your body. It is okay to take a break while getting tattooed.

Bring something with to keep you entertained. Tattooing can take a long time and boredom can set in (Free wifi and tea/coffee is available if you are being tattooed).

Please DO NOT bring a crowd with you when you are being tattooed. You are allowed one other person into the tattoo area, but everyone else will have to wait in the front of the art studio while you are being tattooed.

We offer one free touch up on your tattoo; provided your tattoo needs it and proper aftercare has been administered. Your free touch up is valid for one year after having the tattoo done. You need to wait for at least one month before a touch up, to make sure that your tattoo is fully healed. Any additional touch ups will be charged for, so make sure you look after your tattoos well.

PLEASE NOTE: All hand (Including fingers), feet, cover-ups and repairing of old tattoos DO NOT come with free touch ups.

You need to be 18 years old to get tattooed. 16 with parental consent (Your older brother, sister and friends DO NOT count). Please bring your government issued identification and, if you are underage, please make sure your parents bring theirs too. We don’t care how big your tits are, it‘s your identification we want to see.
Account Name: Sorry Mom Tattoo Art Studio

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Fourways Crossing

Branch Code: 051001

Account Number: 023363746

Cheque Account

Please use your Name and Surname as reference when making payments or deposits.

Deposits and payments are strictly non-refundable.

If you need to reschedule your appointment please do so at least 48 hours prior or you will unfortunately forfeit your deposit.

No children are allowed into the studio for their own safety.

Only one person will be allowed into the tattoo area.

All original designs will remain the property of Sorry Mom Tattoo Art Studio before and after your tattoo. The tattoo is yours to do with as you please. If you wish to purchase the original artwork, it will be up to the artist to determine a price for the artwork, provided your artist is willing to sell.

We take responsibility for your tattoo while you are in the studio. Once you leave, it is up to you to take care of it.

All hand (Including fingers), feet, cover-ups and repairing of old tattoos DO NOT come with free touch ups.

We do not work with anyone who shows disrespect towards our artists, studio or industry.

Thank you..